Virginia Notary Public Classes

  Educating Traditional Virginia Notaries since 2005 

What is a Virtual Instructor-led Notary Class?

Our Virtual Instructor-led Notary classes are

  • "LIVE" Notary Instructor, Bryce Hall
  • Easy to follow
  • Interactive 
  • User-friendly
  • Available statewide

Class features:
  • Bryce's presentation is  "LIVE".
  • You are viewing Bryce's screen which makes it easy for you to follow the presentation.
  • Key documents are emailed to you prior to class. Print them and follow along.
  • Bryce pauses often to answer questions. If you are using a headset/mic, she will call on you. Or you can use our CHAT feature.
  • Bryce indicates "important to remember" notes with her yellow on-screen highlighter. 

Top 6 Reasons to take our Virtual Instructor-led Notary Classes
  1. Easy to follow and understand with "LIVE" instructor-led presentation.
  2. You cannot make it to a classroom location in Fredericksburg and Richmond. Our Virtual classes are cost effective and available              statewide. No extra expenses related to traveling long distance, staying in a hotel, meals, etc.
  3. Convenient dates and times including Notary Basics evening classes.
  4. Your choice of location - home, office or even your own backyard garden.
  5. GoToMeeting format using a headset/mic from any device OR simply call in to view my screen.
  6. Builds confidence in your Notary skills.

Check our Virtual Instructor-led classes!

Bryce Hall, Classroom Notary Instructor,

transforms into your

Virtual Notary class Instructor